The Weirdest Food From Each State According To The People Who Live There

At the point when you’re searching for the strangest food in a state, there are different approaches to gathering information. Yet, ordinarily, it’s only most secure to ask individuals who live there what their number one old neighborhood treat is.

At the point when Buzzfeed surveyed their perusers on the “most abnormal food their state is known for,” they got some truly strange reactions.

We don’t know this survey demonstrates anything, but rather it will give you some knowledge into what individuals in these states think the people around them are best at making in some special manner.

Look through and check whether you concur with the most bizarre food recommendation in your own state.

1. Alabama

This mayo-based BBQ sauce can be made with various fixings to flavor it up, for example, horseradish and cayenne pepper.

There’s generally some vinegar in it also to give it a tart taste.

Looks special AND sounds flavorful!

2. Alaska

Buzzfeed client @amandas4af30c212 recommended a dish we’ve never at any point known about:

“Akutaq, also called Eskimo frozen yogurt, is a mix of berries and some kind of whipped fat. Customarily caribou, moose, or walrus fat, yet many individuals simply use Crisco.”

It provides us some opportunity to stop and think, yet we’d absolutely attempt it!



3. Arizona

The Sonoran sweltering dog is an Arizona top pick, however, we can’t picture eating such fat in the blistering sun.

However, it doesn’t sound terrible, that is without a doubt!

The Buzzfeed portrayed it as “a bacon-wrapped sausage covered with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.”

4. Arkansas

Evidently, “chocolate sauce” is a thing in the event that you like in Arkansas.

With spread, sugar, cocoa, flour, and milk, it’s not really something you’d need to put on your meat, however, it surely seems like something you could eat on a roll!

5. California

California is so huge and assorted that we didn’t think we’d be persuaded by any recommendation.

Oh, when we’re headed out to the state, one thing has consistently struck us as odd – burritos with french fries in them.

It is quite exceptional to Southern California – and explicitly the San Diego region – however.

6. Colorado

Be careful the server than suggests the “Rough Mountain clams” to you on your next skiing or climbing trip in Colorado – they aren’t fish.

They’re bull gonads. Furthermore, now and again you don’t understand that until after you’ve eaten them.

Be that as it may, at any rate, they’re rotisserie.

7. Connecticut

Rich sauce and fish on top of a pizza? It’s really typical in Connecticut.

You won’t experience any difficulty finding a decent shellfish pizza there – and there’s a decent possibility the fish will be new!

8. Delaware

Beginning with the Pennsylvania Dutch and afterward advancing toward Deleware, “scrapple” to turn into the state’s notable dish.

It’s better in the event that you simply consider it pork scraps. In any case, in the event that you should know, it’s ground-up pork liver and other “bits” crushed along with cornmeal, flour, and flavors.

It comes as a semi-hardened portion (yum), however then is cut and typically sautéed.

9. Florida

Gator meat evidently poses a flavor like chicken. What’s more, as such countless southern dishes, this one is breaded and singed.

While it probably won’t appear to be that inventive, you will infrequently discover croc on the menu in different states.

10. Georgia

Disregard the peaches, when requested to toll in on a state food, somebody from Georgia went with an ar serving of mixed greens.

“Pear plate of mixed greens here is made with canned pear parts, a spoonful of mayonnaise, destroyed cheddar and finished off with a maraschino cherry. These have been at each family assembling I’ve ever been to!”

We need to state, the cheddar and mayo stunned us!

11. Hawaii

Nobody presented a dish from Hawaii, presumably in light of the fact that they have particularly special food that it’s difficult to pick only one thing.

Yet, Buzzfeed decided for them and picked “Loco Moco.”

It’s simply white rice, finished off with a cheeseburger, a seared egg, and earthy colored sauce – and it sounds heavenly (albeit not Hawaiian!).

12 Idaho

Indeed, Idahoans truly aren’t goofing off with their potatoes – they’ll even eat them for dessert!

We didn’t know that a frozen yogurt potato existed yet we were mitigated to discover that despite the fact that it looks much the same as a potato, that is really vanilla frozen yogurt cleaned in cocoa powder.

Simply add whipped cream, peanuts, Oreo pieces, and chocolate sauce and you’re good to go.

13. Illinois

We’ve invested loads of energy in Chicago and never knew about Horseshoe, so it should be a thing farther west or south of the city.

“It’s two cuts of Texas toast finished off with two cheeseburger patties, french fries, and cheddar sauce. There are a lot of protein fluctuations: ham, chicken tenders, and so forth I’ve likewise seen one with bean stew added so it resembles stew cheddar fries with additional amazement under,” said a Buzzfeed respondent.

14. Indiana

Following 10 years spent in Indiana, we feel senseless that we’ve never known about a dish meat Manhattan either, yet somebody demands it’s a notorious state food.


“It’s a dish meat sandwich and pureed potatoes, the two of which are totally COVERED in earthy colored sauce and sugar cream pie.”

We’re calling bologna on the pie on top. Sugar cream pie is an Indiana thing, however we’ve seen no proof of it being served on hamburger.

15. Iowa

Iowa’s free meat sandwich appears as though a great difficult situation to eat!

Try not to misunderstand us, it looks great, however we’d favor our meat in bigger parts and with some flavor. This resembles a messy joe without the slop (which, we assume, should sound MORE mouth-watering).

Fun Fact: The sandwich was concocted in 1924 by Dave Higgin at Ye Olde Tavern in Sioux City, Iowa.


16. Kansas

Kansas, we have a few inquiries for you. How would you consume off every one of those calories that come from plunging cinnamon overflows with your stew?!

Presently, don’t misunderstand us, we think cinnamon is an extraordinary stew fixing, so we get where you’re coming from. We can’t envision how we’d feel after that supper.

17. Kentucky

Kentucky’s most irregular food is shriveled lettuce?! Alright, that we could never have imagined.

However, in obvious Kentucky design, it is anything but a plate of mixed greens until you’ve warmed up bacon fat and sprinkled it on your veggies.

18. Louisiana

With New Orleans to consider, it was likely difficult to concoct a food that hung out in Louisiana. In any case, Buzzfeed settled on Boudin, a kind of hotdog.

It has pork liver and heart, yet to be honest, we’re never amazed by what’s in a wiener.



19. Maine

Potato candy, eh? Okay at that point.

Maine’s dish goes back to the nineteenth century and it a mix of chocolate, potato, and coconut.

We’d attempt it.



20. Maryland

Eating muskrat isn’t normal around the state, however essentially exceptional toward the eastern shore.

We absolutely can’t contend that it’s peculiar!

The state even has a Muskrat Festival and Cooking Contest!



21. Massachusetts

We didn’t understand Massachusetts had asserted the Fluffernutter.

In the event that you haven’t known about it, it’s a sandwich made with nutty spread and marshmallow creme on white bread.

22. Michigan

Michiganders didn’t have any strange and wild nourishments to bring to the table up, so they picked a refreshment rather from Detroit-based Faygo.

@elliel45c6f7c8c said:

“Michigan doesn’t have any REALLY gross or abnormal nourishments. The solitary kind of abnormal thing would be Cotton Candy Faygo, which I have an adoration disdain relationship with.”


23. Minnesota

A grape serving of mixed greens doesn’t sound really awful. However, it’s a great deal like a ar plate of mixed greens in that it gets odd once you begin adding velvety stuff – for this situation, acrid cream.

In any case, we sort of uncertain anybody from Minnesota wrote in with this recommendation because they’ve been attempting to disassociate themselves from the dish for some time!

24. Mississippi

Banana sandwiches sound very great and not too abnormal. Be that as it may, this one is unique:

“Banana sandwiches with mayo or pear serving of mixed greens (pear with mayo and destroyed cheddar on top).”

To be reasonable, a lot of Mississippians were irritated about the decision, saying they’ve never known about something like this. The best anybody has had the option to do is trace it back to Dale Earnhardt Jr. who said he appreciates banana and mayonnaise on bread and that it’s “southern.”


25. Missouri

A mainstream prepared cheddar from St. Louis, we don’t know Provel cheddar truly considers odd.

Considering Missouri’s past as a meatpacking area and the pervasiveness of innards and cerebrums and such on even gourmet menus, we think the individuals who wrote in might have improved.

What do you think?

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